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Delta Legal

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Jan 26, 2016, by Dan G., J.D.
Cyber Attacks Against BX Protocol:


We now have information that several Ph.D. candidates from Leiden University, in the Netherlands, are performing dissertation research on suppression of dissent techniques. The BX protocol has honorably been selected as the primary target for this research.

Over the past year, Leiden University, funded by CEL (Centre of Education and Learning), a collaboration between the universities of Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam, has supported attacks against the BX Protocol, its founders, affiliates, members, and associates through the following means:

1. Deleting, modifying, misquoting, and fabricating information about the BX Protocol, its founders, affiliates, members, and associates.
2. Obstructing research with 3 separate universities.
3. Dissemination of rumors.
4. Posing as patients in Forums, social media, or other internet venues.
5. Filing formal complaints with government agencies. (Making complaints is one of their key tactics McDermott et al., 2014).

Delta Institute, working with INTERPOL and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), has launched an investigation in order to combat acts of cyber terrorism committed by the universtity funded students, for alleged crimes violating international standards for online activity.

Delta will utilize a variety of investigative tools needed to fight this variety of cyber crime, that Big Pharma uses as an ongoing tactic to fight against and suppress emerging health benefits within the integrative sector. 

Delta Legal

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Jan 26, 2016, by Dan G., J.D.


Providing life altering health solutions in the face of disinformation supported by private interest groups is a daunting task.

Understanding the methods used in disinformation attack and defense is enlightening.

The studies of “suppression of dissent” by (Delborne, 2008; Martin, 1999; Martin et al., 1986; Moran, 1998), provide us an effective framework. It’s clear that the BX Protocol is a direct challenge to orthodoxy. Operatives employed by private interest groups often deploy a variety of methods designed to silence and discredit dissidents. Recent actions, which are the subject of this correspondence, fit nicely into a modified definition of cyber terrorism or cyber mobbing that are meant to suppress dissent. Delta and the BX Protocol has been the subject of such attacks for several years.

So what is the motivation behind “Collective disinformation”, “Cyber bullying”, and the like?

It’s simple: the BX Protocol is dissident. It’s a threat to the establishment. The same campaigners on the internet that are paid to manage campaigns against the BX, are also heavily involved in attempting to silence any public questioning of the “official positions” of government policies in general.

A statement from one of the disinformation operatives provides an illustrative example: 

“We are relentless workers. It is our primary objective to put Delta and the BX out of business. We want to make the world a better place. We eat, drink, and sleep this stuff and we will bring the BX Protocol to its knees.”

Making legitimate complaints to governmental agencies is fine. But completely fabricating information and invoking extreme actions against innocent people is criminal.

Most of the fictitious information promoted by the Leiden team includes:

1. BX Protocol is an internet scam. 
2. Deltas founders, affiliates, members, and associates are all part of an elaborate fraud.

The overall intention of the Leiden team has been to discredit, disrupt and discourage public support for the BX Protocol.



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- See more at: http://bxprotocol.com/blog.php?id=59#sthash.hxScWxbt.dpuf

Delta Legal

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Tactics of the Leiden team are built on lies that need to be repeated often, especially in the context of social propaganda. A very important part of propaganda involves imbedding commands or beliefs into the subconscious mind. This is the same technique utilized by the mainstream media and pharmaceutical industry at large. 

You will notice the repetition of the same argument:

1. Delta Employees, affiliates, and principles are flawed in some way.

2. The imperfections equate to fraud within the context of their current business

3. Don’t use Delta’s services because they are a scam


Consider the following quotes:

The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.--
Josph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister 

A lie told often enough becomes the truth. ---Lenin (1870 - 1924) 


So depending on funding, we should expect to see the Leiden team continue to advance the forgoing weak and distorted narrative, regardless of who it affects, because that’s what they are paid to do, and that is who they are.


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If i was paying the Leiden students for disinformation on the Bx Protocol, i think i would have to fire these idiots. Their work is not at all compelling. You would have been better off ignoring them. 

As a doctor in the integrative field, we have come to a point that this type of propaganda is common place, especially with effective protocols like BX protocol. So don't expect it to go away. Remember, most of these western systems are heavily medicated. lol.

While they are offering ardent opposition to bx protocol, they are simultaneously falsifying studies in the most prestigious journals and getting away with it. Now that's justice!!

incidentally, if you are wondering who is behind the propaganda,  I would look at the following companies, especially the ones in Leiden.


Also it may be worth noting that the cartel of German chemical and pharmaceutical companies are likely behind the suppression given the fact that your Leiden students are using the German sites to do the disinformation. That main site is used all the time for disinformation, because it uses an encrypted tunnel. Just a thought.   


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